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Changes and Improvement in Recruitment and Training Free Essays

Changes and Improvement in Recruitment and Training of Business Company: With a reference to 7-Eleven Corporation Abstract Purpose †This paper plans to represent the manners by which enlistment and preparing deeds are changing with an occasion of 7-Eleven Corporation and to call attention to the explanations behind the principle changes and improvement during the time spent preparing and enrollment of a business organization. Discoveries †The exposition demonstrated that the strategies for enrollment and preparing procedure of business organizations or associations, is progressively centered around a complex, objective and compelling way, which adding present day preparing techniques to the enlistment framework, for example, e-inclining and multi-aptitudes preparing. Catchphrases Recruitment, Training, 7-Eleven Paper type Viewpoint 1. We will compose a custom paper test on Changes and Improvement in Recruitment and Training or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Presentation Enlistment and preparing is a basic procedure for business and associations of scanning for and extending to potential Employment opportunity for candidates in adequate amount and quality so managers can acquire the most reasonable contender to fill in their Job opening (Brains, M. , 2008). These days, business enlistment and preparing has gotten one of the extreme difficulties for partnerships who have understood that the fate of their associations relies upon the enrollment and choice of the best among an expanding number of representatives. In any case, it appears that pulling in a huge umber of candidates is as yet not a significant issue but rather enlisting the correct candidates is the fundamental worry of numerous businesses. Along these lines so as to examinations the ongoing advancements in enlistment and instructional meetings, this article will introduce the progressions of enrollment and preparing needs with a case of 7-Eleven Corporation. At that point have a little conversation about the reasons of the primary changes and by what method can the organization do to improve the procedure of enlistment and determination. 2. The procedure of enlistment and preparing in 7-Eleven 7-Eleven Corporation is the world’s biggest administrator, franchiser, and licensor of peacefulness stores, principally working as an establishment, with in excess of 50,000 outlets situated in 16 nations (Wisped, 7-Eleven, 2014). In view of its enormous market and business extension, 7-Eleven needs to enlist a huge number of workers consistently. 7-Lenten Company claims an expert preparing framework. Typically most representatives are start enrolled in November and their determination forms run in the Spring for a time of a couple of months. Inside this timeframe, the candidates would be carefully requested with their expert abilities. Take the retail worker preparing f 7-Eleven for instance, preparing of cutting edge retail representatives falls into three fundamental classes: (1) Operational. (2) Customer administration. (3) Leadership (Irreproachableness. Com, 2014) Operational preparing is the most fundamental part to the business activity, which incorporates how to work a sales register, how to stock product shipments, how to make a super burger, and so forth. Client care preparing is targeting giving representatives item information just as relationship and selling abilities. Subjects frequently incorporate how to deal with irksome clients and how to recommend fitting add-ones to the acquisition of specific item. Administration preparing gives select people the business and relationship abilities they have to progress in-to administrative positions (Wisped, 7-Eleven, 2014). 3. Manners by which enrollment and preparing needs are changing In the couple of five years, (Youth, 2014), the preparation procedure of 7-Eleven had independently changed. So as to increase an increasingly serious situation in items deals commercial center, the business enlistment division of 7-Eleven has anxiously embraced PC based preparing or â€Å"e-learning†. All things considered, it may take eight hours of preparing before a representative gets gainful. In any case, workers are instructed to decrease those eight hours of preparing to six hours through some e-learning and other electronic Job helps at work, which lead to pick up efficiency and diminish preparing costs. It’s precisely the sort of e-discovering that I believe is most effective,† says Schooled (Youth, 2014), â€Å"It’s learning that’s required, and it’s set up as a regular occurrence right away. † Another intriguing exploration (Brains, M. , 2008) noticed that, there is an expanding number of businesses will in general expect recently candidates to have great transferable aptitudes, just as previous working experience, as opposed to ju st phenomenal scholastic evaluations. 4. Purposes behind these changes (1) It is clearly demonstrated that the improvement of e-learning exercises for the preparation program is halfway a direct result of the boundless utilization of new innovation (Irreproachableness. Mother, 2014). The web began to command the procedure of enlistment as increasingly more business organizations utilized the web for publicizing opportunities, testing on the web and even web based buying. (2) Secondly, the motivation behind emending of transferable aptitudes for recently workers is to build up their multi-abilities including relational abilities, critical thinking capacity, IT aptitudes, and so on,. (3) Further more, rather than advanced education capability or fabulous scholastic evaluations, the significant working experience is profoundly worried to the enrollment and preparing process. For example, the retail preparing in 7-Eleven, if a worker used to have a Job in other accommodation stores or work as sales reps, it would be very paper to get the new situation in 7-Eleven. The main thing for him may be familiar with the new lessens. 5. Improvement of enrollment and preparing process (1) Firstly, with the developing inclination to the necessities of PC innovation, the most mainstream technique for enlistment is the web learning meeting (Berger, Z. , 2008). The businesses support email applications, online applications and even internet testing. Each above could be a successful method to test the representatives about IT aptitudes. (2) As to the requirements of working experience and adaptable abilities for the representatives, a further improvement demonstrates that the businesses can take the preparation procedure of â€Å"transfer he position†, which implies a worker would be prepared in various divisions of equivalent timespan. The representatives would be emotional profited by different sorts of work. In the mean time, the organization they served would likewise have a superior perception of the representatives of what the ideal situation for every person. . End The investigation has indicated that the strategies for enlistment and preparing procedure everything being equal, paying little heed to authoritative size or business type, is progressively centered around a complex, objective and successful way. Contrasting and the sort or level of grease gained, numerous businesses become progressively intrigued by the transferable aptitudes of candidates, (for example, relational abilities, critical thinking capacity and learning capacity). In this manner, the enlistment and preparing process has gotten increasingly commonsense, instead of hypothetical. Step by step instructions to refer to Changes and Improvement in Recruitment and Training, Papers

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Xdsl Essays - Digital Subscriber Line, DSL Modem,

Xdsl Advanced Subscriber Lines Quick and reasonable Internet get to has become a major issue for private clients and independent ventures. Today clients have a wide range of alternatives concerning Internet get to. One can utilize a 56k/28k modem, link modem, remote, Ethernet, an ISDN association, a T1 or T3 association, or a DSL association. Every technique for association has focal points and drawbacks concerning security, cost, and speed. A more up to date innovation for clients is DSL or a Digital Subscriber Line. DSL utilizes existing telephone lines to send data. In contrast to a dial up simple modem, a DSL association permits voice and information to be sent simultaneously on a similar telephone line, the bit rate is quicker and the association is ceaseless (no compelling reason to dial up). DSL Technology DSL is an innovation for pushing high piece rates through last mile phone associations (little gage copper less that 18,000 ft.). For a great many people, point A will be their home and point B will be the substation of the nearby telephone organization. DSL modems, in contrast to traditional modems, set up an association from one finish of a copper wire to the opposite finish of that copper wire: the sign doesn't go into the phone exchanging framework. DSL modems are not restricted to utilizing just the voice frequencies passed by the standard phone framework (generally 0-4kHz), DSL modems ordinarily utilize more than 100kHhz. (Day 1999) At the point when the nearby circle conveying the voice/information arrives at the neighborhood telephone organization the circle initially goes to a splitter which isolates the voice from the information. The voice frequencies are sent to the customary phone exchanging system utilized for voice move. The information frequencies are wired into a DSL modem at the focal office (CO) end. The subsequent fast computerized information stream originating from (or setting off to) the shopper is dealt with as advanced information (not simple voice) and might be guided into various systems association with the information's goal. The information never enters the standard phone exchanging framework. (Day 1999) At the point when you associate with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are not interfacing with the ISP over its standard modem bank, rather you are coming in over a type of LAN/WAN (Local/Wide Area Network) information association that the ISP has orchestrated with your neighborhood telephone organization. This is the main way an ISP can give DSL-associated ISP administration to clients. In light of the association with the zone arrange the DSL association is consistently on, there is no compelling reason to dial up and interface with a modem. (Day 1999) This is a decent realistic system map from DSL Protocols There are a wide range of conventions and sub conventions that fall under DSL. A portion of the primary conventions for DSL are: - ADSL-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (1.5 Mbps-9Mbps) (DNAI 1999) - RADSL-Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line (test and adjusts for quickest speed) (DNAI 1999) - HDSL-High piece rate Digital Subscriber Line (T1 Speeds, presently requires 2 lines) (DNAI 1999) - VDSL-Very-high-piece rate Digital Subscriber Line (multiple times as quick as ADSL, not on advertise yet) (Clarke 1999) DSL systems have modems at the two parts of the bargains, the client's modem and the ISP's modem. Since various conventions utilize diverse equipment (modem) the ISP picks what convention will be utilized. Equipment In spite of the fact that it relies upon your ISP and the gear they use, ordinarily you will require a 10Base-T connector with which to associate with the outer DSL modem, and a PC. Remember that with various conventions you will require diverse DSL modems. On the off chance that you are assembling a LAN you will likewise require a center point or ideally a switch. Typically the client DSL gadget is actualized as a scaffold, switch or both. (Kristoff 1999) Splitters and Filters Since a similar line is utilized to send voice and information frequencies it is feasible for obstruction to happen. Once in a while a telephone will go over the 4kHZ recurrence and cause impedance with the DSL information stream. Another issue is the high frequencies utilized by the DSL modem can be gotten by the telephone bringing about static on the headset. The first answer for 4kHZ obstruction issues was to utilize a POTS splitter. A splitter takes the telephone line and forks it. One line goes to the phones and the different goes to the DSL modem. Other than parting the line the splitter goes about as a

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Essay Topics Examples

Essay Topics ExamplesIt's easy to get confused when writing your definition essay topics examples because there are so many different examples and even more different interpretations of each example. For example, you could say 'apple pie' as one example, but someone else might say 'sandwiches made with raw beef and cabbage'the name of the capital city of Chicago'. So what should you do?First of all, decide which example you want to use. I prefer to choose examples that have been used many times, but I do realize that many people will go for the first example they find. Some people like to keep a list of examples in case they find an old definition. Whatever you decide, make sure that it matches the kind of essay you plan to write.Write down the definitions of all the different words, and then compare them. Compare one definition to another to see if they are all similar or if there is anything that would make one of them different. This helps you learn how each word is used. Once you have learned how each word is used in the context of the example, then you can begin to write your essay on it.Keep track of what you write on each example. This will help you with your essay. If you begin writing an essay on a topic that someone asked you to write on, but you know it's not going to be a good example, you can go back and check the other examples you wrote up until that point and see if any of them will match.When writing about tests, you can use the example from the test subjects to make your essay more interesting. You might also use the example to break up paragraphs in your essay. Just make sure you can use the same example in a different way. If it can't be done, then just go with another example.As you learn more about writing examples, you will become more comfortable and you won't need to rely on others to write them for you. You will be able to come up with your own, as well. You can search online for resources to help you learn this skill. Also look for bo oks or audio books that will help you become better at coming up with examples.When I try to teach my students about examples, I always begin by showing them pictures of people writing on pens. Then we start talking about how to read and interpret the picture to find the meaning of the written words. I find that by bringing up pictures that help the students, they are able to be more relaxed and understand the process of writing for me. Then when I go to write about examples, I try to keep it simple and make the examples as short as possible.Hopefully these tips on essay topics examples will help you. Remember that there are so many examples out there that you just need to find ones that are fun and informative.

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Teen Pregnancy and Ways to Prevent It - 1710 Words

Abstract: Teen pregnancy is an important issue all over the country. This is an ongoing problem that must be dealt with. Teenage pregnancy can ruin a teen’s life and also the life of an infant. In this paper I will discuss the many aspects of teenage pregnancy and how it affects the life of a teenager. Each year in the US almost 1 million teens become pregnant. While the facts are clear, the issues of teenage pregnancy are complicated. Talk of sex is everywhere in our society and young girls are portrayed as sex objects. Sex is used to sell everything from clothing to news and yet people are shocked at the rising number of teenagers who are sexually active. The concern about the welfare of infants and adolescents is so much that we†¦show more content†¦Critics also argued that the disturbing data of the rise in teen pregnancies were just the latest in a long series of indications that the focus on abstinence programs was a dismal failure (Stein). Abstinence –only program s received more than $100 million in federal funding annually and $50 million in federal funding was given to states that utilized such programs (Medical News Today). James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth thinks that abstinence-only programs deny young people life-saving information about condoms and other forms of prevention. They should be taught all of their options about being safe from an unwanted pregnancy and STD’s, because by teaching abstinence only obviously is not working. Teens don’t realize that having a baby is a lot of responsibility financially as well as physically and mentally and they are not fully prepared to take on those responsibilities. So then it either falls in the hands of the teen’s parents or in the taxpayers in the form of welfare. Many teens that get pregnant not only suffer in school or drop out but they also could face other problems such as social or mental problems. Socially teen mothers have very limited social conta ct or friendships because their friends have moved on in school and with their social lives. The teen mother has little or no time for a social life because all of their time is focused on their child. Another problem they face isShow MoreRelatedEssay on Is Teen Pregnancy a Problem?1044 Words   |  5 PagesHow many pregnant teens have there been? Over the years more girls are becoming teen moms. In Oklahoma teen pregnancy has become a problem. Recently Oklahoma has had a pregnancy rate of 47.5% (Tulsa World). Not only is it an issue in Oklahoma but an issue in the United States as a whole. The lack of awareness and how to prevent pregnancy is a reason to blame for the increasing numbers. The more we don’t make people aware of the increasing teen pregnancy rate and how to prevent then the numbers willRead MoreEssay about Teen Pregnancy Prevention 1164 Words   |  5 PagesMany methods can be used to prevent teenage pregnancy and can decrease the birthrate significantly. Doc tors and parents play a key role in teen pregnancy preventions. Since teen birthrates are rising, teens have to have access to preventions in order for it to be effective. With having permission from a guardian to engage in preventions, children can prevent themselves from becoming a parent at such a young age. Parents should properly inform their child on the subject of sex and communicate withRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Is A Serious Problem1484 Words   |  6 Pages1) Going in public, many teens are pregnant or have already had a baby. Teen pregnancy is a very big concern in society. Everyone needs to come together as a whole to find ways to prevent this from happening so often. Teen pregnancy is a reoccurring problem, but there are ways to prevent them such as starting programs or classes in schools so teens understand why they should not have children, using a contraceptive, and watching TV shows so they can understand being a teen mom is not easy. EducationalRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Causes Serious Physical And Emotional Problems1369 Words   |  6 Pages Teen pregnancy causes serious physical and emotional problems for adolescent mothers, therefore there should be steps taken to prevent such things from happening. I have a close friend who got pregnant at the age of fifteen. It was a mega crisis for her and her baby. It caused a heartbreaking feud between my friend and her parents, as well as her schooling, leading her to drop out of high school. The emotional stress she gained was harming her body. The baby’s father wanted nothing to do with theRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy Prevention Essay805 Words   |  4 PagesTeenage Pregnancy Prevention Anne Maxa English Composition II American InterContinental University November 20, 2011 Annotated Bibliography ------------------------------------------------- Essay Outline I. Thesis Statement: Teen pregnancy can easily be prevented with better educated teens, better communication between teens and parents, and the knowledge of contraceptives II. Teens will be less likely to become pregnant with better education. A. Classes offered in schoolsRead MoreDecreasing Teen Pregnancy Essay example928 Words   |  4 PagesDecreasing Teen Pregnancy Decreasing teen pregnancy has been a constant battle for the United States in the past few years. America has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western part of the world despite not being the leader in sexually active teenagers. The main problem is that here in the United States we do not educate our children enough on having safe sex. Our children end up learning on their own and eventually end up having a child from the lack of knowledge they have. They alsoRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1426 Words   |  6 Pageswhat is going to help reduce the alarmingly high rate of teen pregnancies has not ceased. Many argue over whether abstinence-only should be taught in high school and if it is the key to reducing the high teen pregnancy rate. From my standpoint, I believe that it should be taught. However, it should be accompanied by the teachings of birth control along with other contraceptives and how to use them. The fact of the matter is that teen pregnancies continue to be a prevalent problem and teaching abstinenceRead MoreReflecting on Sources: An Assignment1879 Words   |  7 Pageshelp in reducing and preventing of teen pregnancy. The organization is called The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. She is influential because she has served on many advisory boards which promote the values and policies towards the prevention of teen pregnancy ADDIN EN.CITE The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy201197(The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 2011a)979712The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy,Sarah Brown20111776 Massachusetts AvenueTheRead MoreThe Importance of Comprehensive Sex Education to Decrease Teen Pregnancies894 Words   |  4 PagesNew problems are rising such as an increased pregnancy rate among teenagers. Our teenage girls are less developed and unprepared for the problems which come along with their decision to have sex. It is also too early for teenage girls to become pregnant. Many teens think having a baby is some sort of joke. They believe it will never happen to them but the reality is that every time teens have sex, there is a possibility that the sperm will find its way to the egg if they do not get protection. AsRead More Preventing T eenage Pregnancy Essays1195 Words   |  5 PagesPreventing Teenage Pregnancy Preventing teenage pregnancy has been a goal for many years now. Statistics have tried to keep up with the change in the teenage generation. Many people have different opinions on the subject of teen pregnancy, because to some people teens seem to be getting pregnant expeditiously in these times. People fail to realize that having a baby is a privilege to many people and not a problem. Many people take having a baby as a lightly. Getting pregnant and having a

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Andrew Marvell in To His Coy Mistress and Robert...

While both Andrew Marvell in â€Å"To His Coy Mistress† and Robert Herrick in â€Å"To the Virgin to Make Much Time,† both poems express the same idea of Carpe Diem, Marvell wants his mistress to give into his seduction by persuading her with images of worms crawling inside of her and Herrick is asking all young women to deference the idea of embracing their sexuality and to enjoy beauty while one still has it. The speaker of Herricks poem stressed the short-lived character of life and to take advantage of their youth to promptly celebrate life, to be amiable, to take chances, and the pleasures it has to offer. Nonetheless, the speaker†¦show more content†¦The second stanza of the poem takes a shift. He urges that they are to die soon and that life is too short while death is forever. In lines 27 to 28, the speaker scares her by saying worms will try to take her virginity if she doesnt sleep with him now. As for the third stanza, the speaker is simplifying what is going to happen when she dies, so why not use up her precious time now? While Herrick is addressing young women encouraging them to grasp their sexuality while in Marvells poem, his speaker is persuading the women to commit in the sex act with him personally. On the other hand, both poems take after the â€Å"Carpe Diem† idea of living in the now and being merry while tomorrow humans may die or loved ones may. Both Herrick and Marvell dramatize the idea of pleasure, how it should not be held back because dying is destined. Not only that, but both poems seem to almost be like letters to someone. Marvells poem is very powerful when describing how worms will burrow into his mistress when dead and is more personal while Herricks is more soothing without the disgusting image and is for all young ladies. Urging women to loose their virginity is one of the big themes of both poems, except Marvell is acting as a

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Mental Illness That Obstructs A Person s Brain Completely...

Putting in to words how one’s brain completely falls apart is a different encounter altogether. Consciousness gradually loses its coherence. One’s center gives way. The center cannot hold. The ‘me’ becomes unfamiliar, and the foundation from which one experiences reality begins to disintegrate (Saks, 13). Schizophrenia is a mental illness that obstructs a person’s ability to comprehend, remain emotionally stable, make rational decisions, and have meaningful relationships with others. The symptoms of schizophrenia involve a spectrum of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional dysfunctions that ultimately disrupts the individual’s way of thinking. For example: â€Å"The first sign that one’s reality is gradually deteriorating emerges when there is a deficit of basic common sense-hygiene. â€Å"Once on my own I began to neglect the basic needs of human function. I grew inconsistent about asking myself common sense questions†¦are showers really necessary? Of course the answer was obviously yes, but sometimes it was hard to sort the answer out â€Å"(Saks, 35-36). Schizophrenia is characterized by a set of criteria that must be met: Category A: 1.delusions or fixed beliefs for example: Elyn often times had persecutory delusions that caused her to believe that people across the street were looking at her, and they wanted to hurt her.† (Saks, 92) 2.hallucinations or altered sensory perceptions for example: Elyn would hear voices that would tell her that it’s wrong to talk, that she is a nobody, aShow MoreRelatedCommon Induction Standards Essay22388 Words   |  90 PagesWokingham Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Council, West Berkshire Council and Bracknell Wokingham College September 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Standard 1 – Understanding The Principles of Care†¦ 1.1 Values 1.2 Confidentiality 1.3 Person-centred Approach Test Your Knowledge†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Standard 2 – Understanding the Organisation and the Role of the Worker 2.1 Your Role As A Worker 2.2 Policies and Procedures 2.3 Worker Relationships Test Your Knowledge†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Standard 3 – Maintain SafetyRead MoreThomas Hardy Poems16083 Words   |  65 Pagesand laugh: Thou suffering thing, Know that thy sorrow is my ecstasy, That thy love s loss is my hate s profiting! Then would I bear, and clench myself, and die, Steeled by the sense of ire unmerited; Half-eased, too, that a Powerfuller than I Had willed and meted me the tears I shed. But not so. How arrives it joy lies slain, And why unblooms the best hope ever sown? --Crass Casualty obstructs the sun and rain, And dicing Time for gladness casts a moan.... These purblind DoomstersRead MoreHesi Practice31088 Words   |  125 PagesB. A low-birth-weight neonate. C. A neonate born at less than 37 weeks gestation regardless of weight. D. A neonate diagnosed with intrauterine growth retardation. 2. A client with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus has just learned she s pregnant. The nurse is teaching her about insulin requirements during pregnancy. Which guideline should the nurse provide? A. Insulin requirements don t change during pregnancy. Continue your current regimen. B. Insulin requirements usually decreaseRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesbuilt-in pretests and posttests, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed. Visit to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore

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Business Project Management

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Project Management. Answer: Introduction: Definition of Project Methodology Sheffield and Lemtayer, (2013) stated that the term project management methodology is referred to as a combination of logically relevant organizational processes, practices and methods that enable a successful evaluation of a project within the organization. The methodology has the capability to plan, develop and maintain a project implemented within the organization. Additionally, the methodology continues working appropriately until the designed project implement properly. According to Partsch, (2012) project management is a scientifically proven systematic and organized approach that helps to implement and execute a proper business plan. Role Plays of Project Management It plays vital role in every organizational structure. This is the initial step as the rest of the processes follow these steps. The concept of project management was traditionally and today also implemented in every organization to manage the project process and to reduce the risks that might occur within the organization (Lewandowski Wierzbicki, 2013). It consists of series of constructive stages. The role plays by project methodologies are followed: It is used to measure the feasibility study of the project that is whether the project that is going to be implemented is feasible in the competitive marketplace or not. It is used to calculate weather the software, hardware and the network platform using for the project planning are beneficial for the organization or not (Mahalakshmi Sundararajan, 2013). Initially it helps to predict the maintenance cost. During the implementation of the project methodologies it plays the role on black box and white box testing where the software developer team measures the validation and verification of the software product. One of the traditional approaches is classical waterfall model. The model is easy to process and most of the organizations use this model to implement the planned project (Kumar, Zadgaonkar Shukla, 2013). Though waterfall model is easy to design but in real rather practical life the implementation of this model is not possible. These methodologies play a vital role in the project management. Project management can also represent the hierarchical structure (John Kadadevaramath, 2014). These are as followed: Project management framework Methodology Lifecycle stages Process and process management Tasks and activities Different Methodologies Selection of two Methodologies Among different project methodologies and processes that are implemented in organizations two project mythologies are selected: Waterfall model and SDLC (Software development lifecycle). These are the most efficient product methodologies used in differ organizations in order to improve the organizational outcome. Figure 1: Waterfall Model (Source: Sheffield Lemtayer, 2013, pp- 460) Analyses Compare and Contrast Between SDLC and Waterfall Waterfall model and SDLC models both are used in for the organizational project development. There is a different between SDLC and Waterfall model. Software development life cycle models are of different types such as- classical waterfall, evolutionary, prototype, spiral model (Lewandowski Wierzbicki, 2013). It means that SDLC contains all the features of waterfall but waterfall model does not contain all the features of SDLC. SDLC Waterfall model SDLC is the parental model of the entire software development model which is contains requirement, design, development, testing and maintenance. Waterfall model consists of 6 steps such as- feasibility study, requirements gathering, requirements analysis, designing, modeling, coding and unit testing, integrated testing implementation and maintenance. Spiral model is another sub model of SDLC, which is meta model because it contains the integrated features of evolutionary model, prototype model (Kumar, Zadgaonkar Shukla, 2013). Waterfall model is easy to design but in real life projects the implementation is not appreciable. In prototype model a dummy model is initially used and all the experiments go through the dummy and then according to the consumers demand changes are made. This model is formed in the initial stage and cannot be changed after implementation (Partsch, 2012). According to the users demand a core model is designed in the evolutionary model and changes are made step by step (Sheffield and Lemtayer, 201). This is not a user friendly project model and thus, can be used in real life organizational experiments. Relationship of SDLC and Waterfall Models to the Project Life Cycle (PLC) The SDLC and Waterfall models are widely used in Project life cycles. The project life cycle model firmly focuses on the phases, processes, tools, knowledge and skills that are required to manage an organizational project development. SDLC is a part of PLC and waterfall model is a part of SDLC (Mahalakshmi Sundararajan, 2013). The development activities followed in PLC includes five steps of management such as setting of the organizational goal, planning of the project, execution of the project, closing and evaluation of the project. References John, B., Kadadevaramath, R. S. (2014). A methodology for achieving the design review defect density goals in software development process.International Journal of Manufacturing, Industrial Management Engineering,2(1), 181-191. Kumar, N., Zadgaonkar, A. S., Shukla, A. (2013). Evolving a new software development life cycle model SDLC-2013 with client satisfaction.International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE),3(1), 2231-2307. Lewandowski, A., Wierzbicki, A. P. (Eds.). (2013).Aspiration based decision support systems: theory, software and applications(Vol. 331). Springer Science Business Media. Mahalakshmi, M., Sundararajan, M. (2013). Traditional SDLC Vs Scrum MethodologyA Comparative Study.International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering,3(6), 192-196. Partsch, H. A. (2012).Specification and transformation of programs: a formal approach to software development. Springer Science Business Media. Sheffield, J., Lemtayer, J. (2013). Factors associated with the software development agility of successful projects.International Journal of Project Management,31(3), 459-472.